Voyage Et Cie Atmosphere Spray

$ 48

Continue the ambiance with our violet glass room sprays. Use this gorgeous spray in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or bathroom. Does not contain alcohol, so feel free to spritz your entire body for a delicate wash of scent.

200ml glass spray.

Our glass is an exceptional container that preserves and adds vitality + energy to the contents inside. This bottle is biophotonic, which means the electromagnetic waves of UVA and FAR infrared are able to penetrate through the glass and enhance the contents, while the harmful rays from the light spectrum are completely blocked. This unique combination allows for optimal protection against the aging process, thus considerably preserving and increasing the potency and lushness of the botanicals.

Rose {Tuilleries} - True rose ever so perfect like that of the universally loved flower


Voyage et Cie's curator Melanie Apple is internationally educated in history, fashion and design. Through her global efforts Melanie has cultivated a passion for notable moments using the sense of smell. A simple walk in a Parisian park, a curious stroll in a Versailles market place and aimless fascinations in Cannes procured scent discoveries. Voyage et Cie is the ultimate luxury blend of travel, design and scents. Each original fragrance is created by Ms. Apple, handmade, 100% natural vegetable blend and will transport you on a journey.  

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