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Personal Styling

The essence of the brand is to dress women to feel comfortable, confident and cool in their everyday lives. 

I am available in our Santa Barbara boutique to meet with you one-on-one for an intimate styling session. Building a lasting, timeless wardrobe takes time, thought and attention to fit and detail. 

My personal style philosophy is to dress to enhance yourself. Less is more. Tap into your strength and enhance it with your wardrobe, and color has a lasting impression.

Beyond the inception and execution of the styles, seeing women feel empowered and great in the clothes is why I love what I do.


Style Box

Not in Santa Barbara? We also offer a unique, personalized Style Box for our clients. 

We create a capsule tailored to you based on your Catherine Gee order history and/or personal style preferences. Then we send you the styles and you either keep one or two, all or if it just doesn’t work, send them all back. We provide the label.  

Not your average style box. No styling fee. Luxury clothing that makes you feel and look good. Call and talk to me about what you are looking for, sizing, and we will put together a package of styles that fit your specific needs. We will pick products off our shelves and ship directly from our Santa Barbara boutique -- not from a warehouse somewhere!



"My beautiful daughter in law got the small jacquard jacket [in her style box], and it is perfect. The two tone slip dress fit her like it was made for her. 

Thank you so much for using the limited hours we all seem to have to share your expertise."

Nancy Fennell

 "The Daria has been a favorite. Love the design! I will be in to look at the others. From the pics I already have new favorites."

Kathleen Andrade

"It’s nice when someone knows your body who can suggest and speak informedly about what is and isn’t working.

[My personal styling session] with Catherine was also a boost to my inspiration and focus in taking better care of my body. It served as a much needed boost to my support system."

KD Farris