When I launched the brand in 2015, I couldn't have guessed that years down the road our business would consist of a healthy and successful category of unique, artistic PRINTS! 
My creative process for design is not linear and very often sporadic which keeps it fresh and fun. The amount of travel for trade shows, trunk shows, and sourcing allows me to absorb how women live in certain cities, suburbs and how they live and dress from 9 - 5 and also, most interesting to me, weekends. 
My iPhone serves as a critical element in recording initial ideas. Paris street art, gorgeous Santa Barbara sunsets, elements of nature seen on long walks, interesting architecture and iron works in locales and neighborhoods in Buenos Aires etc. These snapshots allow me to conceptualize a theme, a color story and palette and begin the drafting process. Albums "titles" are "print ideas," "street art inspo," "moods." These serve as a digital starting point to the physical mood board. 
Some are hand-drafted and others are worked in photoshop. From the process, I am able to assemble a story within a collection. It's an-going process and a creative, cool way to live and see the world.