A collaboration dream, Catherine teams up with fine art and portrait photographer, Linnea Stephan. Linnea's art has been featured in many exhibitions such as American Chordata and Blue Travel and Surf. Additionally, she has timeless clients such as Dior makeup, LA Fashion week, Bill Farrell Agency, etc. 

Between Linnea's landscape love, Catherine's love for beachy, dreamy themes, the Bali Print was born.

"My very first collaboration with Catherine was in Santa Barbara, creating video clips of Catherine’s blouses and dresses. It was so wonderful to see the movement of each piece and the energy of them being worn by women, with the rich California daylight and wind off of the Pacific. As a media artist I see everything in several stages, between shoot days and editing, so I’ve seen how the pieces move in slow motion and to music, and onscreen.

I had printed images on textile during my photography undergrad studies years ago, and was so excited to collaborate with Catherine because I knew her designs have the lines and silhouettes to complement the painterly, dreamy quality of my landscape photos. I am also such a fan of the idea of Catherine’s Postcard Tee, a playful yet timeless top that was created in celebration of Santa Barbara.

Celebrating a place is such a specific and important experience in life and a practice in art making. It is the reason why I create landscape photography - paying respect to the beauty of our natural world with the ultimate goal of protecting it. Surrounding myself with landscapes helps me ground my practice in the truth that nature is the ultimate artist that we should all be learning from. This image of a sunset beach gathering stood out to us in my portfolio, because of the celebratory aspect of it, beach fires flickering between dinner tables and the divine soundtrack of evening conversations, music, and the waves greeting the beach."