Santa Barbara Postcard Tee Origins



The story

Santa Barbara is my home and place where I launched the brand in 2016; the roots of resortwear, mediterranean light and climate and countless days of languid beach walks and hikes inform the dna of the brand. 

In creating the Postcard concept, I sifted through my photo archives of beautiful resort destinations and past travels through Croatia, Lisbon, Greece and the Amalfi Coast.

Santa Barbara is known as the American Riviera with sweeping coastal views that look very European like the French Riviera. Throughout the years of working and meeting people from all over the world in our boutique atelier, I wanted to create a tee reminiscent of gorgeous coastal towns like ones I've visited in Europe. The idea of the silk tee was to elevate the typical tourist 'tee' and source vintage Santa Barbara postcards as the art. With fashion prints, art work must be altered a specific percentage and I was able to successfully do this with the color saturation and various stylistic details. 

This tee quickly became a favorite and featured in Santa Barbara's Summer 2020 Magazine. Turning cheesy to chic, tourist tee's are still in!